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Farmers Cooperative Association
Sponsors of Steuart Pittman, Jr. & Salute The Truth

Farmers Cooperative Association (FCA) of Frederick has provided top quality horse feeds to all of the horses at Dodon Farm in Davidsonville, Maryland since 1999. They mix and package feeds the day before they deliver them, and they stack the bags in our feed room just the way we want them. We at Dodon are convinced that FCA feeds are fresher and higher quality than anything we can get from a national company, but their prices are a lot lower. They'll custom mix for you. They'll deliver farm and other horse supplies. They'll even pick up broken tack and return it repaired with your next feed delivery.

Every horse owner in Maryland should try FCA feed and FCA service.

Not many horses can three day event at the advanced level, breed scores of mares, and maintain a glossy coat and plenty of weight. Salute The Truth does all of that on FCA feeds. That's why FCA has chosen to sponsor the competitive career of this great horse. He's proof of the quality of FCA products.

For information on FCA feed, contact

Arlene Atkins at

301-663-3113 or 800-255-0023 or mobile 301-401-1618



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