Melyni Worth wrote... 

In the UK and Ireland TBs are bred for National Hunt Racing aka Steeplechasing which needs bigger, more powerful heavier boned TB which mature later these are the best to select for eventing...

Yes, and I wish we'd do the same here. Salutely, by Hoist the Flag, was such a TB sire in this country. He's 4th on the leading steeplechase sires list, but there with earnings exclusively from timber horses, where purses are a small fraction of those for hurdle races. He's the top sire of timber horses by a long shot, which means incredible stamina, and ability to race over big, solid obstacles. The amazing thing was that his owners didn't care about his talents in this area. The money was at the flat tracks, and that's what most of his breeding was directed towards. The major criticism of him was too big, too much bone, too slow to mature. In spite of all this he was quite successful also as a sire of flat racers. 

Unfortunately Salutely is dead, and his full brother Patriotically died a month ago. I was lucky enough to find a son with all of his qualities to compete and stand as a stud. Why weren't people beating the doors down to buy this horse? Because in American racing the money is in short distances on dirt tracks for very young horses. That's why people go to England and Ireland to buy Thoroughbred eventers. It's also why people cross their TBs to warmbloods and drafts.

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