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Angus Day Events!

The Party * The Trail Ride* Lessons and Services

Angus riding Foxglen

The Party

Join us on Saturday, September 24th from 6-10 pm for a benefit PotLuck for Angus in our Indoor Arena. This will be lots of fun with live music from King Street Bluegrass (Art and Nancy Lisi), balloon art from Julia Oughton, and a farriers-in-kilts beauty contest. Rumor has it that the Queen of England will be there (we're not sure how Scottish Angus feels about that). Cost is $50/person (cash or a check made out to Angus Whyte) plus bring a dish to share. Bring extra cash for the Balloon Hats and Farrier Beauty Contest!

RSVP and sign up for a dish here:


The Trail Ride

Come back to Dodon on Sunday morning, September 25th (don't worry, we'll let you sleep off the party - the trail rides will head out at 10:00 am) and don't forget your horse! We'll have two groups for a guided trail ride - Fast and Slow. The Slow group will take a nice easy walk through the woods and the Vineyard. If you're feeling adventurous, the Fast group will include some cross country schooling. The cost is $50/horse - cash or a check made out to Angus Whyte. All riders must have a signed Release Form to participate. Print it out here or get one at the ride. RELEASE FORM PDF

Cross Country Field

Lessons and Services

Inspired by the generous farriers who have been filling in for Angus since he had his stroke (and had us PAY ANGUS instead of themselves), Steuart and Michelle decided to offer 5 "Angus Lessons" each - where the buyers pay Angus for the lesson. We figured this was something that other local service providers might be willing to do themselves and we weren't disappointed. We got a lot of responses from Angus clients - as well as from some folks who aren't his clients but want to offer their support! Below is a list of each of the services that has been donated. NOTE: This is not an auction! You pay the full price for the service and then will be contacted by Erin with instructions on how to redeem it. Sign up for them here:

** Private lesson with Steuart Pittman (5 @ $60)
** Private lesson with Michelle Warro (5 @ $50)
** Fix-a-test Dressage ride with Valerie Vizcarrondo, Blue Clover Eventing (3 @ $85)
** Cross-country schooling Blue Clover Eventing at Sudley Farm (2 @ $85)
** Nutritional consultation/Ration evaluation for your horse with Erin Pittman (1 @ $100)
** Mane-pulling by Becky Deafenbaugh (2 @ $20)
** Mane and forelock braiding by Becky Deafenbaugh (2 @ $35)
** Embroidery of your item by Patricia Dane, Stitch Factory (1 @ $25)
** One day & night of pet- or house-sitting services from Leah Berry (1 @ $65)
** Private dressage lesson with Marija Trieschman, Exalt Farm (1 @ $85)
...We'll add more as they come in!

Can't come to the party or the trail ride, but still want to make a contribution? Feel free to send a check made out to Angus Whyte c/o Dodon Farm, 440 Dodon Rd., Davidsonville, MD 21035 and we'll make sure he gets it!

Print a copy of the flier here

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