2012 Bay Thoroughbred Mare


Height: 16.1 H

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Like her namesake the Brazilian Formula 1 legend, Senna is a bold, brave, determined mare. She just finished up her 5 year-old year with 5 Preliminary events with no XC jump penalties. She typically scores in the mid- to low-30s in dressage but did score a 26.5 (8th of 21) at Jersey in a division where scores ranged from a 23.5 to a 43 so she has winning scores in her. Her show jumping isn't perfect yet but, as with her dressage, I think as she gains more wisdom, strength, balance, and focus with age she will definitely be a force to be reckoned with. Senna did one 4YO YEH class and one 5YO YEH class and finished 2nd both times scoring a 73.5 and 77.8, respectively.

Senna is a registered, but unraced Thoroughbred that Michelle has owned since she was 2.

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