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Leo Grande
2010 Chestnut Thoroughbred gelding
16.1-1/2 H

Sold to M. Kastenbaum!

Leo is the horse we all look for. He has the looks, the markings, the solid frame, the great feet, the clean x-rays, the fantastic mind, the rhythm, and the classic jumping form to provide you with a long career winning in the show ring as a hunter. He also has the bravery and the quiet temperament to become a lovely field hunter or a really fun event horse. You really can't go wrong with Leo. His only weakness is a tendency to lean on his forehand, but that is changing. Each week he is gaining the strength and balance to carry himself. He is such a fast learner that by spring this horse will be ready to win in any discipline. Thoroughbred shows are offering good prize money these days. Leo is your ticket.




Updated 1/27/16