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2005 Chestnut Thoroughbred gelding by
Van Nistelrooy out of Dakini by Nureyev
15.3 H



This horse is extraordinary. After 75 races he started ranch work with Dale Simanton in South Dakota and was one of the fastest learners Dale has trained. He wowed the crowds at the America's Most Wanted Thoroughbred Contest and his cattle work videos are amazing. Dale can go from roping steers and dragging to the branding iron to roping Rikim's feet and lifting them for the farrier while sitting on his back.

Steuart took Rikim foxhunting and says that he has never hunted a horse with such perfect manners. Whether galloping, pulling up, standing at checks, crossing creeks or jumping coops, Rikim never puts a foot wrong. As the field was taking off Steuart saw some nice sunglasses on the ground, so he dismounted, picked them up, and remounted a perfectly still Rikim before galloping to catch up. Erin hunted Rikim twice in the second field: first at the opening hunt the last weekend of October and then here on the farm. She has never hunted on anything but her paint mare who jigs the whole time. Rikim most recently hunted with a junior rider in the first field in a hunt with lots of running and was a star.

Michelle got on Rikim to make the last video below (only 2 weeks at Dodon), and it shows just how quickly he learned. She thinks he should be an eventer. 

The most extraordinary thing in addition to his great brain is that after all those races and the ranch work that followed he is one of the most free moving, sound, and clean legged horses you'll find anywhere. He's pretty damn close to perfect. 







Updated 12/13/14