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Continuum Q after 8 weeks of training.Aviva Nevesky, Dressage Judge and Trainer

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with how well Q is doing. The whole situation has been such a joy. You have just the right touch - you've challenged Q to keep him interested but kept him relaxed, confident and brave. All of your staff, especially Michelle and Emily, have been so kind and caring to both Q and to me. Although I can't wait to get Q home and become his trainer, leaving is bittersweet. We will come back for a visit and you are always welcome at our farm. Thank you.


Anne Mackechnie
You helped us in so many ways that I can't even count. Here's something I never forgot - I remember watching Rachel riding Kissee in a lesson (I think that was her name) and she was particularly difficult that day. You continued to be patient with Rachel even though the mare was completely acting up. I realized what a good trainer you were when you focused on all the good the mare was doing. You always find something good in every horse you teach, train, watch. You are patient with even the most difficult horses, and can explain things to a rider in a clear and simple way.Your place was a gift to us - I hope you know how much we appreciated it.

Lydia Wainwright on her horse Goodkeeper.Lydia Wainwright (our equine and human acupuncturist
I have ridden to the Intermediate level of eventing and taken lessons from many instructors along the way. I have my choice of great trainers living in the heart of Eventing country and I've chosen to stay with Steuart for over three years. Steuart has an amazing way of finding the one problem that, when corrected, changes everything about my riding (in a good way!). He breaks lessons down into simple and easy to understand segments. He tells me when things are good and when things are terrible - but in a way that is not demeaning nor breaking of my self-esteem. It's very rare to find a trainer who is nice and fun to ride with and yet actually helps you to improve so dramatically. Thank you Steuart for all you have done for me and my wonderful horse, Keeper!

I have observed Steuart training horses for three years now on a daily basis. It still continues to amaze me how quickly horses, under his care, happily become correctly round, forward, and off the aids. I highly recommend Steuart for starting horses as well as correcting training issues at any level of performance. Horses at Dodon are happy horses. Even at feeding time you never see horses kicking, pinning ears and/or fighting with their stall mates. That says more about Steuart's management and understanding of horses then anything I could say!

Steuart's stallion, Salute the Truth, is so very well behaved it's hard believe he is a stallion. He hangs around in his paddock right next to the gelding field as if he was another gelding. I can always tell a "Willy Baby" because they are all beautiful movers with great conformation and soundness, high athletic ability, and sweet, loving personalities with a great work ethic. If my mare weren't his half sister I would breed her to him but, alas, then we would have to call him "Hill Billy Willy."

Mei Lee Strom with her horse, Saham.Mei Lee Strom
Steuart has been both my coach and trainer for a few years now and he has been absolutely instrumental on every aspect of the training of my horse and my riding. Steuart initially helped train my horse that ultimately was just not cut out for what I wanted to do, yet Steuart was patient, compassionate, and steadfast during the entire process. Steuart was able to produce good results when I didn't think there was a glimmer of a chance. When it was time to shop for a new horse, I turned to Steuart and was fortunate to purchase Saham from Steuart, a four year old 16.2H TB bay gelding that Steuart had been training and successfully competing. I have now owned Saham for four years and he is an amazing horse, both in talent and temperament (and also a good sport on dabbling with the hunter discipline for a season). Steuart's training imprint and philosophy are written all over Saham - he is bold, kind, talented, and has a wonderful personality. Steuart is an incredible resource - his training of horses and riders, his community involvement, high standards, and positive personality - are invaluable assets to both this area and to the horse community.

Kate Hutchings, USEF "r" dressage judge
I've known Steuart for thirty-three years now, and still like him. When it came time a few summers ago for my event-loving daughter to go ride with a trainer and be a working student, only one person was good enough for me - Steuart Pittman. He and his family took excellent care of my daughter, and he gave her the world of confidence that got her successfully through her first CCI*. Steuart is not only a very good horseman; he is a very good person.

Molly Warren on her horse, EddieMolly Warren, C-3, Fox and Hounds Pony Club
Over the last two and a half years, Mr. Pittman has provided me with a bottomless supply of practical training that is effective for both me and my horse, Eddie. I bought Eddie from Mr. Pittman two years ago, and since then I have learned a boundless amount about not only balance, control, and impulsion, but also about people, life, and the world in general, from both Mr. Pittman and Eddie. Mr. Pittman doesn't take any crap, which is how eventing should be-- no bull. He presents a lesson that he strategically designs to pinpoint problem areas in the horse and rider, but he always includes the aspects of riding that are strong points for the horse and rider in order for the lesson to be positive and constructive. I haul all the way from Middletown, Delaware to take lessons with Mr. Pittman because I think he's the only trainer in the area who knows my riding ability and my horse's ability enough to tailor a lesson so that I get the most out of it. Basically, Mr. Pittman is one trainer who is well worth the time and money spent. I know it sounds dorky and gushy, but it's the truth.

Susan Kirkpatrick
Steuart has worked with three of my horses (all of them mares) and I have been very pleased with his accomplishments with them. The first was a lovely Trakhener/Thoroughbred that I was planning on eventing so Stuart helped us with both jumping and dressage. Unfortunately she passed away due to lymphoma and Steuart was instrumental in helping me find and purchase my new horse, a Dutch Warmblood that I work with in dressage and also trail ride. He's been a wonderful coach, teaching me how to balance her and discipline her when she needed it (and corrected me when I needed it, too!!!!).  My other filly, a very talented Thoroughbred, was started by Steuart when she was 3 and even though she was destined for the race track, Steuart made sure she had the proper foundation so she would be able to have a successful career after her racing days were over. Our trainer at the racetrack and her new owners both credit her training with Steuart for her lovely manners and  work ethic She is now a lovely show hunter and her new owners plan to take her to Devon.  Steuart has been a huge help to me and I would highly recommend him as an instructor and trainer. 

Carol Curry, owner Tulip Springs Farm, Kennewick, Washington
Steuart Pittman taught all levels at Tulipsprings on April 12-13, 2008. He had many return clients from his previous clinics in the Pacific Northwest and his fan club continues to grow each time he teaches here. Due to Steuart's efforts to keep his prices low and to arrange inexpensive travel, I could offer his clinic at a price that allowed more people to benefit from having a certified ICP instructor visit our area. Steuart was very flexible to meet the needs of the various groups and always spent extra time to work out issues. Every rider felt well treated and well educated by Steuart. In addition to excellent teaching, he also spent after-hours socializing with the clinic participants, adding fun and good stories to the gathering. We are looking forward to another clinic with Steuart next year!

Donna N., Tidewater Pony Club
On behalf of The Tidewater Pony Club, I'd like to thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge. Every rider I have spoken to felt that they learned a great deal! We hope you'll come back again this fall and do another clinic!

Melinda Lawrence, Lyman, Maine
It was so good of you to come up here and do the clinic.  Everyone loved it and is clamoring for another one.  People were so impressed that you could not only provide such truly useful insight, but also be Really Nice on top of it all!  Sometimes I wonder if you realize just how good at this stuff you really are!


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