I apologize for any hard feelings caused by my somewhat flippant remark about vets "getting with the times" and writing prescriptions for their clients to benefit from catalogue drug prices. I understand that this is a very controversial shift in the marketplace for equine vets and that opinions even among vets vary widely on how to handle it. 

We are all very dependent on our vets and should approach this issue very carefully. It is fair for vets to mark their drugs up. They have to stock them and have them on hand for us when we need them. It's a hassle that they should be paid for. Historically, vets provided all drugs, vaccinations, and even dewormers to most of their equine-owning clients. Large farms were most likely to be the exceptions. Making a living as an equine vet has become very difficult with the vast increase in capital startup costs (ultrasound machines, scopes, etc.), the increased cost of 
education, higher insurance rates, etc. It's a high stress job with outrageous hours and sometimes unsafe working conditions. I'm lucky to have a vet who doesn't complain about any of this, loves her job, and cares as much about my horses as I do. It's an added bonus that she's willing to help me save money on drugs, but it's not something I would insist on. 

Again, I apologize for seeming to partake in vet-bashing. I'd have been a vet myself if chemistry and calculus were a little easier.