In addition to miles of trails through the woods (with stream crossings, logs and other obstacles), miles of hilly gallops around the hay fields, Dodon Farm Training Center boasts a 5.75-acre Cross Country Jump field complete with water jump, banks, ditches, Trakehners, corners, benches, coops and a variety of other obstacles. We have a 100' x 250' outdoor sand jump ring, ditches and Trakehner on the east end, and banks on the south and west.

In 2012, we built a new 80 x 200 indoor arena with sand footing. In 2015, we added solar panels to the southern roof - enough to provide energy to the barns, all the houses on the farm as well as the Vineyards at Dodon!

Dodon has 40 acres of pasture divided into 11 paddocks for turnout. We believe in providing as much time in pastures as possible. Training horses are kept in stalls with fans during the daytime in the summer, and nighttime in the winter. Turn-out groupings are made based on compatability of the horses and are generally 4 or fewer horses.

The main barn at Dodon has 16 12x12 stalls with Stable Comfort Stall Mattresses plus an additional 9 12x12 stalls in shed rows with traditional stall mats. We also have an overflow barn with 7 additional stalls if needed.

The main barn also has 2 hot water wash stalls, a feed room, bathroom, office/tack room and 3 grooming stalls.

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