Steuart began riding as a child in the hunt field, in pony races, and at local shows. He was introduced to eventing through Pony Club and learned the fundamentals of dressage as a teenager from his inspiration and mentor, Ellen Shepherd, one of the first US importers and breeders of European warmbloods. 

In high school Steuart evented through Preliminary on his Thoroughbred mare, Hurricane Hannah, a California-bred race horse who came to him straight from the vet clinic after having a chip removed from her ankle.

Steuart on Hurricane Hannah.After graduating from University of Chicago with a degree in Political Science and Latin American studies, Steuart worked as a community organizer, first in Chicago and later in Des Moines, Iowa. He moved back to Dodon in 1990, so that he could start riding again and worked in Washington, D.C. first as field director for National Low Income Housing Coalition and then as national campaigns director for ACORN. 

It was during Steuart’s time commuting to jobs in the city that he started buying horses off the track, eventing them, and then selling them on. It was the success of those first resale horses that made it possible for Steuart to quit his job in Washington and get into the horse business. His business model was exclusively training horses for sale until people began asking for lessons and for him to train their horses. That resale business allowed Steuart to show dressage horses through Fourth Level, ride jumpers at A shows to Level 6, and event through Advanced.

Due to the sales nature of Steuart’s business most horses sold at Preliminary level or below. His decision to make a racehorse into a breeding stallion (Salute The Truth) gave him the opportunity to keep one horse long enough to reach the advanced and CCI*** level of eventing.

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Steuart’s riding education included long-term coaching from Jim Wofford and Bruce Davidson. He also benefitted from clinics and lessons with some of the top dressage instructors in the country including Linda Zang and Gunnar Ostergaard. Steuart was the first Maryland trainer to be certified by the United States Eventing Association Instructor Certification Program. He is certified to coach and instruct through Preliminary and CCI* level.

Steuart is today best known as the Founder and President of Retired Racehorse Project, a charitable organization that was run for years from his basement, but moved in Spring 2017 to the farm house at Dodon Farm. RRP's mission is to increase demand for off-track Thoroughbreds and build the bridges to second careers through educating trainers and the public. It is an extension of Steuart’s passion for producing sympathetic, competent trainers. He believes that Thoroughbred horses are the best teachers because they are the most responsive, athletic and fun horses on the planet.

Steuart was also president of Maryland Horse Council for four years and still serves on the organization’s executive committee. Steuart is on the board of the Anne Arundel County Farm Bureau as well as the Anne Arundel County Soil Conservation District Board.

Most of Steuart’s current writing is done for Retired Racehorse Project, but a variety of essays written by Steuart Pittman on training issues can be accessed by clicking Steuart Says on the menu. 

Steuart has left the horse world again to pursue a career in politics. He was elected to the position of County Executive of Anne Arundel County on December 3, 2018 where he will serve a term of 4 years. As a result, Dodon Farm Training Center has been leased out to a good friend, Janice Binkley.  You can reach Janice by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.