As a full time serving member of the British Armed Forces I was assigned 3 years ago to the US. As a horse owner and with a passion for Eventing, my horse was definitely not being left behind in the UK! I was lucky enough to find Dodon Farm Training Center and I have never looked back.  The care and Training at Dodon is 5*.  

Steuart has worked with three of my horses (all of them mares) and I have been very pleased with his accomplishments with them.

I wanted to drop this brief note to say how impressed I was with Michelle at the Loch Moy Twilight Event on Wednesday. I judged her on two horses in my ring, and both were lovely examples of relaxation, swing and throughness. She’s doing a good job for Dodon.

Over the last two and a half years, Mr. Pittman has provided me with a bottomless supply of practical training that is effective for both me and my horse, Eddie. I bought Eddie from Mr. Pittman two years ago, and since then I have learned a boundless amount about not only balance, control, and impulsion, but also about people, life, and the world in general, from both Mr. Pittman and Eddie.

It was so good of you to come up here and do the clinic.  Everyone loved it and is clamoring for another one.  People were so impressed that you could not only provide such truly useful insight, but also be Really Nice on top of it all! Sometimes I wonder if you realize just how good at this stuff you really are!

I've known Steuart for thirty-three years now, and still like him. When it came time a few summers ago for my event-loving daughter to go ride with a trainer and be a working student, only one person was good enough for me - Steuart Pittman.

On behalf of The Tidewater Pony Club, I'd like to thank you for being so generous with your time and knowledge. Every rider I have spoken to felt that they learned a great deal We hope you'll come back again this fall and do another clinic!

Steuart has been both my coach and trainer for a few years now and he has been absolutely instrumental on every aspect of the training of my horse and my riding. Steuart initially helped train my horse that ultimately was just not cut out for what I wanted to do, yet Steuart was patient, compassionate, and steadfast during the entire process.

Steuart Pittman taught all levels at Tulipsprings on April 12-13, 2008. He had many return clients from his previous clinics in the Pacific Northwest and his fan club continues to grow each time he teaches here. Due to Steuart's efforts to keep his prices low and to arrange inexpensive travel, I could offer his clinic at a price that allowed more people to benefit from having a certified ICP instructor visit our area.

I have ridden to the Intermediate level of eventing and taken lessons from many instructors along the way. I have my choice of great trainers living in the heart of Eventing country and I've chosen to stay with Steuart for over three years. Steuart has an amazing way of finding the one problem that, when corrected, changes everything about my riding (in a good way!).