I have ridden to the Intermediate level of eventing and taken lessons from many instructors along the way. I have my choice of great trainers living in the heart of Eventing country and I've chosen to stay with Steuart for over three years. Steuart has an amazing way of finding the one problem that, when corrected, changes everything about my riding (in a good way!).

He breaks lessons down into simple and easy to understand segments. He tells me when things are good and when things are terrible - but in a way that is not demeaning nor breaking of my self-esteem. It's very rare to find a trainer who is nice and fun to ride with and yet actually helps you to improve so dramatically. Thank you Steuart for all you have done for me and my wonderful horse, Keeper! 

I have observed Steuart training horses for three years now on a daily basis. It still continues to amaze me how quickly horses, under his care, happily become correctly round, forward, and off the aids. I highly recommend Steuart for starting horses as well as correcting training issues at any level of performance. Horses at Dodon are happy horses. Even at feeding time you never see horses kicking, pinning ears and/or fighting with their stall mates. That says more about Steuart's management and understanding of horses then anything I could say! 

Steuart's stallion, Salute the Truth, is so very well behaved it's hard believe he is a stallion. He hangs around in his paddock right next to the gelding field as if he was another gelding. I can always tell a "Willy Baby" because they are all beautiful movers with great conformation and soundness, high athletic ability, and sweet, loving personalities with a great work ethic. If my mare weren't his half sister I would breed her to him but, alas, then we would have to call him "Hill Billy Willy."