Steuart has been both my coach and trainer for a few years now and he has been absolutely instrumental on every aspect of the training of my horse and my riding. Steuart initially helped train my horse that ultimately was just not cut out for what I wanted to do, yet Steuart was patient, compassionate, and steadfast during the entire process.

Steuart was able to produce good results when I didn't think there was a glimmer of a chance. When it was time to shop for a new horse, I turned to Steuart and was fortunate to purchase Saham from Steuart, a four year old 16.2H TB bay gelding that Steuart had been training and successfully competing. I have now owned Saham for four years and he is an amazing horse, both in talent and temperament (and also a good sport on dabbling with the hunter discipline for a season). Steuart's training imprint and philosophy are written all over Saham - he is bold, kind, talented, and has a wonderful personality. Steuart is an incredible resource - his training of horses and riders, his community involvement, high standards, and positive personality - are invaluable assets to both this area and to the horse community.