Over the last two and a half years, Mr. Pittman has provided me with a bottomless supply of practical training that is effective for both me and my horse, Eddie. I bought Eddie from Mr. Pittman two years ago, and since then I have learned a boundless amount about not only balance, control, and impulsion, but also about people, life, and the world in general, from both Mr. Pittman and Eddie.

Mr. Pittman doesn't take any crap, which is how eventing should be-- no bull. He presents a lesson that he strategically designs to pinpoint problem areas in the horse and rider, but he always includes the aspects of riding that are strong points for the horse and rider in order for the lesson to be positive and constructive. I haul all the way from Middletown, Delaware to take lessons with Mr. Pittman because I think he's the only trainer in the area who knows my riding ability and my horse's ability enough to tailor a lesson so that I get the most out of it. Basically, Mr. Pittman is one trainer who is well worth the time and money spent. I know it sounds dorky and gushy, but it's the truth.